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About Us

Tashahost is the best leading web hosting solutions company providing high-quality, affordable website hosting services for you. Since 2019, up to our existing achievements, our first footstep began as a website design company with a simple one-bedroom apartment in Johannesburg, South Africa. We always keep one goal in our mind, to provide our customers with a fully customized website with outstanding service. Focusing on our aim, our extraordinary work team continually innovated new ways. As a result, we put our next step to expand our offering to include domain registration and hosting services after formal registration in 2020. Up to now, we are taking care of our customers’ websites by putting our passion, dedication, and expertise into taking care of our customers’ websites.

Why us?

At Tashahost, we have a clear understanding of our customers’ needs. We are fully committed to the service standards of our clients. Our User-Friendly Control Panel provides you with the complete solution to help to get your website online easily and quickly. We want to make our customers 100% satisfied with our service by promoting and profit with their website. With outstanding 24x7x365 support services, you can have a unique experience with us at Tashahost.

We are lucky to have the most devoted and friendliest staff in the web hosting business field. Our sales hosting specialists provide you with the best service with clear guidance throughout the hosting process. Our main goal is to make you completely satisfied with our service. Therefore within the first contact, our friendly team will try on their best to resolve any issues you may have to your satisfaction.

We offer easy to use low-cost web hosting and website builder solutions for you. Our Affordable packages with paired advanced features help to make you more comfortable with us. Get Started with our list of web hosting and website builder solutions that give you the freedom to build your website on your choice of platform. 



Our Skills & Expertise

Start by defining the problem. Have the courage to approach a problem from a different perspective. Plan ahead, but act decisively. Consider that the simplest approach is often the best.

Customer care 100%
Uptime 99%
Expertise 100%

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